The musical history of Europe has left innumerable traces which can be visited, such as monuments and plaques in honour of composers. Where can we find them?

The great baroque composer Rameau was born in Dijon, France; but on which address?

Where did Mozart stay during his various journeys abroad?

In which house the Sacre du Printemps was written?

Where exactly are the graves of our favourite composers?

These questions have fascinated the present author since the 1980s. Travel guides usually pass over such particular information, biographies economize on topographical details and even the internet tends to disappoint in this field. It seems to be a minor point. But a visit to those places, at which the history of music is tangible, can be an inspiring experience to music lovers; and so does visiting a historical theatre or concert hall, a music related museum or a church with a famous organ.

That is why this website was called into being.